Hi Barnet Cyclists,

At the Local elections in London in May 2014, the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) wants to make sure that cycling features on the agenda of incoming ward councillors. Getting the positive changes we’ve been promised depends on strong political leadership at all levels, from the Mayor to local neighborhood representatives. So in 2014, we will be calling on candidates across Central, Inner and Outer London to support pro-cycling policies and measures.

LCC’s elected Policy Forum has developed a menu of six policy themes – ratified by our 2013 AGM – which form the basis of the pro-cycling measures we’ll be calling for. LCC local groups will identify a single policy theme for each ward in their borough. They are the kinds of measures seen in high-cycling cities and countries. LCC wants to see all these measures consistently applied across London. In a ward context, it’s a great opportunity to put the ideas on the table at a local level, and build support for them locally. It’s important that we get across the message that these measures will not only be good for people who cycle now (although they will!). They are (a) the kinds of changes we need to make, to start getting the other people on their bikes, and (b)changes that will make our neighborhoods more pleasant and prosperous places for everyone.


We call on local election candidates to take action to ensure that children are able to cycle to school in safety.


We call on London local election candidates to turn residential streets into safe spaces for cycling and walking, by creating ‘Streets without through motor traffic’.


We call on London local election candidates to commit to providing high quality, protected space for cycling on main roads.


We call on London local election candidates to commit to complete, improve, and expand London’s Greenway network, a vital resource for all ability walking and cycling.


We call on London local election candidates to save lives by reducing speeds where people live,

work, play, shop and cycle.


We call on London local election candidates to implement measures to create more liveable high streets, prioritizing places for people, walking and cycling.

(Read more online http://lcc.org.uk/pages/current-projects. These are live documents which continue to be updated by LCC’s Policy Forum

A while back we surveyed the local membership. The results that came back were mainly in support of option 3 Protected Space on Main Roads but all of the options were represented. Here is a summary of the results by ward:

Brunswick Park – Protected Space for Cycling –  uphill lane of dual carriageway in Russell lane and treatment of Bestile Circus roundabout. Also 20 mph

Burnt Oak  – Protected Space for Cycling

Childs Hill – Protected Space for Cycling – Hendon Way and Finchley road CS? Jct. Crickelwood Ln & Westbere Rd (also schools route)

Colindale –  Greenways – Allow cycling through Collindale park

Coppetts – Liveable Town Centres –  junction of A1003 with colney hatch lane & Rat run killing & Routes to Holy Pk School

East Barnet – Greenways – Path from Cockfosters to Hadley Common should have an all-weather surface

East Finchley – Protected Space for Cycling – A1000 CS & rat run killing

Edgware – Protected Space for Cycling

Finchley Church End – Protected Space for Cycling – Finchley Rd CS and 20 mph at Crooked Usage

Garden Suburb – Protected Space for Cycling – Protected lanes on Bishops Ave. and speed restriction & Cycle access along track at top of Heath Extension

Golders Green – Areas Without Through Motor Traffic – Rat running Highfield and environs

Hale – Protected Space for Cycling – Apex Crnr. Improve cycle access to underpass so it is continuous

Hendon – Safe Routes to Schools – A504 – Crossing the A1 and ast Middelsex Uni

High Barnet – Protected Space for Cycling – A1000 CS & rat run killing

Mill Hill – Protected Space for Cycling – Dollis rd under viaduct – improve facilities to Dollis brook path and on to Finchley Central & Bunns Ln under M1

Oakleigh  – Protected Space for Cycling – A1000 CS & Longmore Avenue under rail

Totteridge – Protected Space for Cycling – A1000 CS & rat run killing – St Margarets Ave Pity the poor residents on this rat run road. Zig zag layout plus parked cars, so multiple hazards for cyclists

Underhill – Protected Space for Cycling – A1000 CS

West Finchley – Protected Space for Cycling – Ballards Ln CS & Tally Ho CS Livable Town centre (Close West side of Tally Ho)

West Hendon – Protected Space for Cycling – Brent Cross Flyover and access to Brent Cross itself. Also cycle facilities at Brent Cross

Woodhouse – Protected Space for Cycling – A1000 CS & Livable Town center (Close West side of Tally Ho)

Note: “CS” stands for Cycle Superhighway

Now we want the views of the wider Barnet population before preparing a final list of measures to be put to existing ward councillors and candidates ahead of the local elections later this year.

Please come to a public meeting on Thursday 27 Feb 2014 and share your ideas. All are welcome!

8pm Carey Hall, Trinity Church Centre, Nether Street, North Finchley N12 – MAP


The times they are a’changing in Barnet and now the time has come to show the council that there is broad support for a more pro cycling stance. Barnet have expressed interest in the Mini Holland program being put forward by the Mayor’s office. With £30-40 million on offer for cycling and urban realm improvements to our borough, there is real scope for change.

Find out more about the Mini Hollands proposals…

Our previous post
GLA Press release

The exact details of what would/could be done are being discussed now but we would like to put forward Barnet LCC’s vision of what is possible. There are great potential benefits to ALL Barnet residents whether they cycle or not.

The Mini Hollands program contains a wide range of measures but includes the reallocation of road space to make it easier for local people to choose cycling as their preferred mode of transport for local trips. The creation of segregated routes on some main roads and the removal of rat runs in neighbouring wards will help create the conditions that many people say would get them onto their bikes.

Additionally, the Barclays Cycle Superhighway Scheme could be extended into Barnet, unlocking additional funding and providing a strong spinal route through the borough further enhancing the benefits of the Mini Hollands scheme.

Where will this space come from? The answer will be dependent on the specific conditions. Sometimes it will mean the loss of a traffic lane and sometimes some space will be made from narrowing the pavement. There will also be the loss of the occasional parking space. While we are fully aware that parking is a “hot” issue in Barnet, we believe that the business case for segregated cycling provision on main shopping streets (eg. North Finchley) is very well proven. It has been shown again and again that these sort of facilities increase footfall and turnover where they are put in.

Please see links at the bottom of this post for more about the business case for these sort of changes.

What about pedestrians? Don’t segregated facilities make it hard to cross the road? The fact is that it is hard to cross the road now. Badly designed bike lanes introduce problems for pedestrians and for cyclists alike but well designed ones are of benefit to all. Here at Barnet LCC, we are going to be making sure that whatever gets built conforms to the very highest standards as shown to work well, for all users, in other countries.

Getting more people cycling locally (particularly on the school run) will reduce morning congestion, making it easier for those who must drive. Many people would like to cycle more but are put off by the hostile road environment. Indeed the urban realm benefits in our high streets and neighborhoods will be felt by all residents. There really is a huge prize on offer here. We are pleased to have the support of prominent locals.

Encouraging active lifestyles will help to keep people healthy and fit into older age, which is very important for an ageing population. It also encourages the use of local shops and services, which ensures that those facilities are supported and available for older  and disabled people who need them nearby.
– Julia Hines, Age UK Barnet

A great idea. Very happy to support this positive urban regeneration initiative.
-Helen Michael, Cafe Buzz, North Finchley

What can you do? You can let Barnet know that you want this to happen! Cllr. Dean Cohen is the new Environment and Transport chap. His contact details are given below.

Please either write your own letter/email to him or simply copy/paste the one we have provided below.

We need as many of these as possible by mid September, so please do sent one in and ask all your friends/contacts to do likewise. Together we can secure over £30 million for cycling and urban regeneration in Barnet!

Cllr. Dean Cohen – Cabinet Member for Environment

6 Russell Gardens
NW11 9NL

Mobile:  07887 778509


Here is a simple form letter.
Please do remember to include your name and full address when sending it.

Thank you for your support!

Barnet LCC


Cllr Dean Cohen,

I am writing to you as a local resident to let you know that I fully support a move toward a more cycle friendly Barnet. Our borough is well known for its focus on family life and good schools. The Mini Holland scheme proposed by Boris Johnson will represent a great step forward in an area that Barnet has traditionally been rather weak on. More and more people are choosing to cycle and many more would with the support that such a scheme offers. Reallocation of road space is the right next step to grow cycling beyond its current low level. This is a chance to have the best facilities in London, if not the country.

Barnet deserves the best.

I wish you all the best luck in your pursuit of the funding on offer.








Study from Portland Oregon:

Study from East Village, Manhattan:

This article from early August seems to refer to a study by TfL when saying that ‘Pedestrians spend an average of £373 ($571) a month, compared with £226 for drivers, according to data from TfL. Ailing high streets and town centres need to win back walkers. Learning from London’s incentives would be a start’.


Accidentally posted a password protected blog. How frustrating for you all! Sorry.

It is available here: http://wp.me/p2049b-4p

Those of you who notice such things will know that this site has been rather quiet of late. We didn’t go away and lots of good agitation has been happening on the quiet. Now it is time to emerge into the light once again.

The person responsible for this site has been rather busy with other life things and is only now able to get back to campaigning for better cycling in Barnet. We really need some extra help. Is that you? We need people with a little spare time and a thirst to agitate for real change.


We are thrilled to be able to say that Barnet is expressing a serious interest in the Mayor’s “Little Holland” scheme. This new initiative aims to produce a “Dutch” (or Dutchesque at least) cycling environment, in selected outer London centers and will attract £33 Million pounds of funding. More detail will be posted here as this all unfolds.

We have seen the draft proposal and, despite some reservations, are looking forward to working with the council as this goes forward. Below is the text of the letter we have sent them supporting their bid.

There is much to do in the coming months and if you ever felt the need to help us with a few of your spare waking hours, now would be a good time. Please get in touch:  barnetlcc@gmail.com



Barnet LCC thanks the Mayor of London for creating political conditions that have prioritized cycling as a mode of transport. We welcome Barnet Council’s initiative to respond to this new environment by submitting an Expression of Interest to participate in the mini-Holland scheme.

Whilst we have not yet had the time to fully study and discuss with Barnet Council their initial ideas, we particularly welcome the bolder proposals such as the plans to regenerate Edgware Town Centre and to link Edgware and North Finchley with high quality connections to the Cycle Superhighway network.

We urge Transport for London to ensure that adequate funds and expertise are provided so that the proposed main road routes meet the highest international standards. In particular, and in recognition of Boris Johnson’s election pledge at the London Jewish Forum hustings in April 2012 to bring the Superhighways into Barnet, we expect to see:

* Continuous, high quality and high-capacity extensions of both Superhighways CS11 and CS12 to a regenerated Tally Ho Corner along the historic A598 and A1000, including safe, direct and convenient crossings of the A406.

* Continuous, high quality and high-capacity extension of Superhighway CS11 along the A41 or via Hendon to a regenerated Edgware town centre, including a safe, direct and convenient crossing of the A406.

* Intervention at the Staples Corner M1 Interchange (part of the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration zone) to provide safe, direct and convenient passage along the A5.

* All such provision for cycling to be of a standard that is safe and convenient for all abilities without penalizing (through delay) cyclists for not choosing to ride with motor traffic.

We look forward to working with both the London Borough of Barnet and Transport for London in coming up with fully detailed plans to deliver a world-class cycling experience in Barnet.

Yours faithfully,

Barnet LCC

Sorry everyone, we were hacked and had a rogue posting about cheap PCs. Ignore that. All sorted now.

Despite the recent lull in public activity, BarnetLCC has been busy behind the scenes, continuing the push to get this junction reviewed.

We met the former Assembly Member Brian Coleman at the junction and since the elections have met there with our new AM Andrew Dismore. AM Dismore has asked a question at the Assembly as a result. He has also written directly to Boris Johnson on matters arising from this blog post (amusing but does contain swearing).

The Mayor’s office has now replied to the letter we sent them before the Great Divide Ride. We are to have a meeting at Henlys corner with Isabel Dedring, the Deputy Mayor for Transport. This is a fantastic result. As well as the junction we will be discussing issues of cycling and Barnet more widely.

If you came on the Great Divide Ride, helped with cycle counts, did anything else to help or just retweeted some tweets, you are part of getting us to this point…. Nice one!

Now, let us know what you would like to see, at Henlys Corner and we will feed it into the mix as we prepare for this meeting. Be creative…

Ideas to: barnetlcc@gmail.com

As I am sure you are aware, this Saturday the 28th, is the LCC “Big Ride”. The route is from Park Lane to Embankment on closed roads. They expect a record turnout to what will be London’s largest ever bike action.

“Participants are being encouraged to dress themselves and their bikes in red and white (the campaign colours), and to bring music, bells and whistles to create a carnival atmosphere.

The ride meets on Park Lane at 11am, and will pass many of London’s most famous landmarks – Hyde Park Corner, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalagar Square and Parliament Square – before ending on the Victoria Embankment at 2pm.”

We hope you will be part of it! Read more on the LCC site.

To help get you and your families to and from the event, BarnetLCC have a marshaled feeder ride from Tally Ho corner.  Leaving at 9:30AM… sharp. There will be a returning ride from the Embankment, the details of which will be given at the rider briefing at Tally Ho in the morning.

The upcoming mayoral elections are a rare chance to get some solid commitments on cycling out of the candidates. Let’s make our voices heard.

Reminding all that our meeting is 8PM tonight at The Elephant in North Finchley. There has been some really good fallout post the Great Divide Ride and we need people to help push forward. If you want to help plan our next moves, this is the place to be.



On 25 March 2012 more than 80 of you took to your bikes and rode Barnet’s Great Divide Ride. Two Barnet councillors wrote to us with their support for the GDR and Green candidate AM Poppy came along on the day. It was a sunny day, it was enjoyable, a picnic lunch was had.

We took in all the borough’s road crossings of the North Circular Road. Fully marshalled by an expert team, we were ushered though some hellish intersections in a glass jar of safety. This was a ride that even small children could and did enjoy, which is a stark contrast to what these roads are like to ride ordinarily.

Our picnic spot was unusual. Perched high in the centre Staples Corner the noise of motor vehicles was calmed enough for us to enjoy our lunch, but close enough to act as a reminder of the challenge we face.

Now for my confession… Even though I count myself as a highly able and super confident city cyclist, there is a huge section of the A406 I would simply avoid: from the A5 to Brent Cross. To do this though, you have to swing out very wide. It’s just not practical. The off-road and cycle path options to traverse are so limited, hidden and circuitous that I doubt most know of their existence or would find them useful. It would be interesting to hear what participants thought of the route and junctions. Please comment below or email us.

I know we’ve said this before, but thanks to our marshals, feeder ride leaders and everyone who helped.

What next? If you haven’t done so already, we urge you to sign the LCC’s Love London, Go Dutch petition and to join the LCC’s Big Ride on 28 April. This is a traffic-free, family-friendly ride. Details on www.lcc.org.uk

And what about Barnet? We have a few ideas. Our next campaign meeting is 8PM Tues 17 April, at The Elephant, North Finchley We’ll need to organise feeder rides to the Big Ride and decide on our next campaign.

What can you do now?

Flag up individual junctions of the A406 as hazardous on The Times website:


Write to your councillors about cycling provision on any/all of junctions of the A406:


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